Elsbeth Mumm

Artist's portfolio and shop, full of critters and magic.

I am Elsbeth Mumm.  I often live in the ethereal world (my token animal is a unicorn).  I use my artistic process to ground me back into the natural world.  It’s hard for me to say exactly what I do.  Simply, I am a creator. My chosen medium is inspired by my emotions; they dictate the method. Sculpture, illustration, gouache, interior design, and installation are a few favorite tools to channel the muse.  Art and life are always changing and evolving; as am I.  Through this evolution, I ask the muse to speak to me, which I seem to most often hear in nature.  From nature we come: back to it we go.  For that reason, I try to always involve an organic element in my work that has already existed in the natural world.  My interest is in the interconnection between the magical unknown of life and the silent beauty of death and their inseparable roles.  My artistic motivation is to try to illustrate the fragility of this inevitable cycle.

I create with wild abandon sourcing from creation itself, searching for the balance between what is, what has been, and what will become.


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